AREA 1 DRAFT – Naming, Grading and Claiming


Over the last month or so I have been trying to write a comprehensive guide to the boulering in Cademan woods. This is something I am very psyched for, I’ve bought an ok camera and laptop and have spent the vast majority of my free time either in the woods or compiling the guide.

The motivation for this comes from:

  • An interest in how guides are made
  • Money troubles stopping me from climbing in the Peak 3-4 times a week
  • The discovery of Hidden Wall in a guide Clint e-mailed a couple years ago (an excellent boulder not on UKC or online)
  • Frustration at not being able to find climbs logged on UKC in the guide
  • Frustration at ambiguous descriptions for problems on UKC
  • Massive psych for the Woods


While mapping area 1 I began climbing everything that I could find there. Some of the problems are allued to in the online guide (e.g. the front face of the Cavalry boulder), others were not on UKC or the online guide (Pirate Block, The Warthog). I have given these names and grades for the purposes of the guide and UKC but I’m not claiming, and have no interest in claiming, these routes as first ascents. I am just enjoying making a guide.

I’ve been ignorant to the fact that people may wish to claim some of these problems as first ascents and give them names. I have linked a very rough draft copy of Area 1 to this post. The map is blurry and inacurate; I have a better map in a similar style on my computer but until it is finalised I’m not going to spend time properly scaling it to prevent the blurring. If you are interested, please check the problems and if you want to change the names I will make an effort to do this (easy in the guide, not sure about UKC).

I am currently climbing and cleaning problems in Areas 3, 4 and 4.5. Most of these are on UKC. When I move onto the next areas I will post a topo here before adding climbs on UKC to give people a chance to claim and name climbs. It was mentioned that the UKC climbs Kids on a Slope and Bassline have been climbed before, I did not add these but can ask about changing names and crediting the first ascentionist on UKC.

I would like the guide to mirror UKC though, so one name and one grade.


P.S. – If anyone know the climbs on the boulder below let me know – This is the only thing I have not just stuck a line and name on because it is chalked up. IMG_0166.JPG



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