Cademan Bouldering Guide

UPDATE: I’ve made a small update to the guide due to access issues – If you are heading to the woods please read: so you are aware of the problems and the things you can do to help.

The main changes are the approach to Cademan Roadside (Now referred to by its original name of Trilobate Plantation) and some information on parking – Please make sure you only park in designated areas and pick up all litter where found. If we want to maintain access climbers need to show that they are having a positive impact on the local environment and community.

Cademan Bouldering Guide

Future Updates

I moved away from the area last year and cannot continue to update the guide. I would like to hand the files over to someone keen to keep it up to date. You would need to be a local climber with access to Microsoft Publisher and GIMP (free software).

So long as the guide remains free, online and open to the public, without advertising, then you can do whatever you feel would be helpful. I also kept my name and image off the guide which I felt was important; I’d like it if anyone taking it over would continue with that. If interested please use the form below: